Atmospheric Toolbox

The Atmospheric Toolbox aims to provide scientists with tools for ingesting, processing, and analyzing atmospheric remote sensing data.

The toolbox consists of several software components, with the main components being CODA, HARP, VISAN, and QDOAS.

An evolution of the toolbox that is optimized for use within a jupyterlab environment is the Atmosphere Virtual Lab or AVL. AVL includes CODA and HARP but provides new visualisation components that can be used in jupyter notebooks and that provide an alternative to VISAN.

Some of the data supported by the Toolbox are products from satellite instruments such as Tropomi (Sentinel-5P), Aeolus, GOME-2 (MetOp), and OMI (Aura). But the toolbox also supports model data such as CAMS and data from grounds based instruments such as provided by EVDC.

HARP Data harmonization toolset for scientific earth observation data

HARP is a toolkit for reading, processing and inter-comparing satellite remote sensing data, model data, in-situ data, and ground based remote sensing data.

Latest release: 1.21 (2024-03-15)

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VISAN Visualization and Analysis tool for atmospheric data

VISAN is a cross-platform visualization and analysis application for atmospheric data.

Latest release: 4.3.2 (2023-02-22)

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QDOAS Cross-platform DOAS trace gases retrieval application

QDOAS is a cross-platform application that performs DOAS retrievals of trace gases from spectral measurements (satellite, ground-based, mobile or aircraft-based instruments).

Latest release: 3.6.5 (2024-03-12)

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