Atmospheric Toolbox

Use Cases

The use cases below provide demonstrations on how to use various types of earth observation data in combination with the atmospheric toolbox and atmosphere virtual lab.

All use cases have been created by making use of jupyter notebooks and can be run locally.
A download link to each notebook is provided at the bottom of a use case.
To be able to execute the notebook you will need to setup a conda environment using the generic environment.yml file.
You can create the conda environment using conda env create -f environment.yml followed by conda activate avl.

Reading TROPOMI SO2 data using HARP
In this tutorial we will demonstrate basic data reading and plotting procedures using TROPOMI SO2 observatons. We use observations that were obtained during the explosive eruption of La Soufriere volcano in the Caribbean in April 2021. The eruption released large amounts of SO2 into the atmosphere, resulting extensive volcanic SO2 plumes that were transported long distances.

Creating L3 data with HARP from S5P L2 UVAI files
This use case demonstrates how to create a gridded level 3 netcdf file from multiple level 2 TROPOMI UV Aerosol Index (UVAI) files. The case is demonstrated with an extensive smoke plume from wildfires in Siberia, Russia, on 6th of August 2021.